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Before setting up VLANs, best practice is to plan the entire network’s physical and logical setup (known as network topology) carefully. VLAN configuration mistakes can cause serious connectivity and security problems on your network. If you do not have experience setting up computer networks, consider hiring an IT or networking professional.
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Its always been best practice to setup static IP's for any core network device such as routers, switches, firewalls and servers to name a few. I understand that you can use different methods of managing AP's in huge amounts, For example a wireless controller to manage all your AP's and portioning off a range of IP's to use for an AP DHCP scope.

It is a firewall security best practices guideline. The document highlights best practice for firewall deployment in a secure network. Several areas and commands that affect the overall security architecture of the ASA series firewall are called out. ... When the firewall has a large L2 VLAN attached and hosts are using the firewall interface.
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  • Here are some recommended configurations for your switch ports to work seamlessly with the Mist APs: On a trunk port, prune all the unwanted VLANs – only the required VLANs (based on WLANs) should be part of allowed VLANs. Since our APs do not save the configuration by default, APs should be able to get the IP address on the Native VLAN in ...
  • VLAN Best Practices and Security Tips for Cisco Business Routers Objective. The objective of this article is to explain the concepts and steps for performing best practices and security... Introduction. Want to make your business network more efficient while keeping it secure? One of the ways to do ...
  • IPMI++ Security Best Practices 1. Introduction to IPMI++ Security The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (aka IPMI) defines a de facto ... VLANs (which aren’t great for security, but it’s at least a paper thin wall of added protection.) 5. Add a layer of by placing a very secure computer to serve as a bastion host between
  • As a best practice, you should use a WAF in front of any web-facing application, including applications on Azure VMs or in Azure App Service. Learn more: Learn about WAF. Review WAF limitations and exclusions. Best practice: Implement Network Watcher. Network Watcher provides tools to monitor resources and communications in an Azure virtual ...
  • 3. Uniquely Connect Users to Your Wireless Network. A great item for WiFi security is to uniquely authenticate each user to your wireless network. This is how wired networks function, and it has been highly successful from a security standpoint. That unique access should carry over to the WiFi network.